Paul Kirby

Sadly my partner in creating 'Unwanted Truths', Paul Kirby, passed away in December from 'Covid 19'. He was admitted to Pinderfields hospital for an unrelated illness and was put on a safe ward. Sadly there is no such thing as a safe ward and he contracted the virus during his stay. In case of complication he had been warned a number of times he wouldn't be revived and when he caught the virus they simply administered palliative care. Basically a death sentence.



I do wonder how many on the ward survived but there is no way to check this.

Paul was isolating. We talked on a regular basis about the dangers of hospitals and he talked me through his admittance to the ward and being told to take his mask off. Clearly the people on the ward had tested negative but as we have seen with many people the negative test is a fantasy. People spread the virus before they test positive, as was stated here,

A warning. I hope you all have noticed that if you have pre-existing medical problems you are expendable. Hospitals were past breaking point before 'Covid'.


Some of the unwanted truths on this site could if acted upon be life savers, many others are simply blunt about what they speak, sometimes I think not blunt enough then there is the trivia.




The Book of unwanted truths is a paperback but its content can be viewed if you click here. or on the book itself. The problem with the hard copy is of course that it cannot be updated as simply as an online book. Some minor unwanted truths are indeed trivial but covid 19 is a trajedy. You don't react to a tsunami when the tidal wave is upon you. You have to pre-empt it or you get washed away.

In Hong Kong holidaymakers were being checked for the virus in December. In Britain Boris was planning his Caribbean Holiday. To the best of my knowledge the death toll in Hong Kong was 4, compared to our 70000. Who waited for the wave?

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