Black Lives Matter

The unrest began with George Floyd in America The unrest then spread to Britain with the tearing down of Edward Colston's statue. Because Colston was a slaver buying slaves from African slavers his statue was thrown into the water at the docks in Bristol. Bearing in mind that the institutes who sanctioned slavery were Parliament and the Monarchy (though eventually ending slavery),

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I would ask the cleaners in parliament to keep their eyes out for large wooden barrels with blue touch paper and the people of Bristol should keep their eyes out for a little old lady wearing a crown being dragged towards the docks. If in doubt ring 999. Is this a joke? No, remember the London Riots.

Peace and understanding brothers and sisters. It's the only way forward.

Some of the unwanted truths on this site could if acted upon be life savers, many others are simply blunt about what they speak, sometimes I think not blunt enough then there is the trivia.

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The Book of unwanted truths is a paperback but its content can be viewed if you click here. or on the book itself. The problem with the hard copy is of course that it cannot be updated as simply as an online book. Some minor unwanted truths are indeed trivial but corvid 19 is a trajedy. You don't react to a tsunami when the tidal wave is upon you. You have to pre-empt it or you get washed away.

In Hong Kong holidaymakers were being checked for the virus in December. In Britain Boris was planning his Caribbean Holiday. To the best of my knowledge the death toll in Hong Kong is 4, compared to our 60000. Who waited for the wave?

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