Shades of Evil Album Narration

Shades of Evil @ 1985 Derek Johnson & Frank Oliver

It would be logical to play each track in order,but the choice is yours. This album originally played as a single track; a prelude to 'Shades of Evil.'


Shades of Evil is a story of the darkworld, set upon an isolated island, on an isolated world. This island which was named Harandos was made up of many small domains. In times past each domain had shared the wealth of its lands with its neighbours, lofty mountains, fertile soil and rustling trees. So similar were these domains that they were known as the Mirrorlands, each land was a reflection of all the others, but alas those days came to an end; the Mirrorlands are no more.

Harandos was not conquered from without, but from a dark place within. With the departure of the elden kindreds and the powers of good, men tried to create their own magic. A power which related to the demons of myth. And with the unleashing of this power the kingdoms began to crumble and fall.

There were many who fought the dark ways, for they said the creatures of the darkworld could never be controlled. Those who tried to master the dark powers would themselves become wraiths of its malice. However, there were some who embraced it - the cruel Baron Nomarn Deleri was one. His wife Baroness Helian and their executioner Grogor were others. They are now a part of the circle of darkness. Three of the seven shades of evil.


They gathered upon the high moorlands beside the Spire of Darklore, where the wind howled beneath darkened skies. Their forms were tall, their features hidden behind shading cowls. Robes rustled as they passed over heathered ground.

The spire was aged. A shrine to the past, bound in evil and devilment. Cast in its shadow lay the cold sacrifice stone, its surface smooth; its purpose foul.

The light began to fade into the west and Nomarn raised its hands. The seven circled the stone. They chanted.

Hunched figures moved up the hillside like the rolling mist. Some scurried, some crawled. Sharp nails embedded in bony fingers clutched at withered heather. Evil thoughts formed by evil minds twisted and contorted demon faces. They too formed a circle, a circle about the seven.

The chant grew louder; slow and rhythmic; cold and deathly. The circle began to move. They danced around the stone; the stone and spire; the spire and the seven.

Louder grew the chant, faster moved the demonic shapes; twisting; turning. From beneath taloned feet spurted the flames of hell. The circle began to close.

Upon the slab of sacrifice an image wavered, gaining strength as the frenzy heightened. Graceful, enchanting, flowing melodically to the rhythm of the wraiths; the wraiths in the ring; the ring of fire.

The Piper

They wound their way across the moorlands at walking pace, the piper playing his flute melodically. Before him rode the mighty Lords of the Harandos. Behind, the snaking lights of a thousand torches.

Raimar raised his hand and the column halted. The piper fell silent. Raimar listened. 'Do you hear it?'

A distant chant drifted softly across the moors, a muffled whisper on an angry wind.

Raimar winced. 'The wraiths have their ring. Soon they will have the fire. They are calling, beckoning. Soon she will come. They have a power not even Miriel may withstand, even now the Queen is awakening.'

Jorm bowed his head to look at Cretin; he was pointing into the mist. there on a nearby hill a flame flickered, caressing the earth with fire. 'Onward' cried Raimar. Let us hope it is not too late.

Ring of Fire

Ring of fire (Ringraith). No Narration...Tells its own story

Stone and Spire

AS Raimar approached the circle the flames leapt higher He calmed his steed and raised his eyes above the inferno, to look upon the spire. Colours rippled across its ancient stonework, it looked now as it had not looked for a thousand years. It laughed at him.It mocked him.

For an instant Raimar's courage wavered. Then he drew himself tall and determination pierced his eyes. He spurred his mount onward.


'I am Nomarn, first of the seven,' Raimar covered his ears in dismay; He saw a clawed hand reach out in greeting, then the fingers began to coil. Though Raimar was ten paces distant, he could feel the icy grip of Nomarn. As the world began to darken he saw a wavering figure upon the sacrifice stone; beautiful; enigmatic.


No Narration...tells its story.Helvstone.

Requiem (Epilogue)

As the flames subsided, Jorm entered the circle. he saw his father's broken body laying upon the charred earth his face was a mixture of anguish and hatred. He pointed his sword with trembling hand to where the sun had fled the misted skies. 'I WILL FIND YOU NOMARN. BE IT THE LAST THING I EVER DO..I WILL FIND YOU.'

The Album 'Shades of Evil' was devised by Derek Johnson and Frank Oliver It is totally intertwined with the preface and prelude of the story 'Shades of Evil' which is a part of the book 'Many Shades of Evil by Frank Oliver. The Album never reached the final stage of completion and sadly Derek is no longer with us. Such was Derek's commitment to music and the album being a part of the story, it seemed fitting for the album to be accessible.