Abdul and Savaka sat behind a bullet pitted wall. It was late afternoon in the holy land and publik transport was near full.

            Abdul checked his explosives belt then fastened his coat. "Soon, the bus will be along. We will wreak our revenge for the years we have suffered, for the lands we have lost, for our friends who have perished."

            Savaka raised an eyebrow. "Are you sure this is a good idea. We have been friends for years and I support your cause but this act is beyond me. I do not see how more killing helps anything."

            "They understand nothing less. You cannot reason with them, they think this is their land, yet less than a lifetime ago they were few, these were our lands."

            "Even so you risk eternity. You do realise that Christians believe in a place called hell, for everyone, and you could be heading down that highway."

            "That place is not for the true believers, Savaka."

            " It is a place of fire and brimstone, of eternal torment, the house of Satan. Be sure of your faith."

            "Where there is a hell there is a heaven. Besides my cause is just. I fear not." Abdul's voice held conviction, if not complete certainty.

            "There are others with beliefs too. Some believe after death we are reborn."

            "Reborn to pay for our sins, the Ghoddles. I believe them not. I will take my place in Paradise. What I do is not evil but glorious."

            "I mean the followers of Siddhartha. Like you they believe suffering is inseparable from existence. They strive for Nirvana but not through the deaths of others but through tolerance and enlightenment."

            Abdul smiled, "Were it that life was so simple. I believe we must stand and be counted. This is not about me or simply what I stand for, it is for the ones I love; it is for freedom; it is for the future."

            The sound of an approaching bus came to their ears.

Savaka stared for long moments into Abdul's eyes, Abdul looked back. "You are a follower Savaka but I must lead by example, peace be with you my friend."

            Abdul left the shelter of the wall almost casually. He walked towards the waiting bus.

            Savaka looked on in awe and horror. He did not agree with Abdul but he knew his friend was not brain washed or a fanatical follower of 'Laden', who had to the best of their knowledge died with his second in command in the Afghan war. He, like himself, carried questions about life and doubts about the afterlife. It was a brave, unselfish, yet murderous deed Abdul had plotted. Savaka sat with his head in his hands, a tear rolled down his cheek. He shook his head.

            There was standing room only on the bus; Abdul tried to mix invisibly with the crowd but still he received anxious glances. He avoided the eyes around him and quietly said his prayers. He knew the final seconds of his life on earth were ticking away; the bomb timer was set; it needed no more encouragement from himself nor could anyone else hope to disarm it.

            A young Jewish girl made her way to the bus entrance where Abdul was standing. She would exit the bus at the next stop. She brushed against Abdul. He looked down; he could just see her face; he had the strangest feeling. For an instant he hoped his explosives would not detonate, not at least until the next stop where this girl would depart but it was not to be.

            It was not as Abdul imagined. He saw the blinding white flash of the explosion before his sight was lost; he heard an earth-shattering roar as his eardrums burst. He felt excruciating pain while his body was being ripped to pieces by the force of the blast. He was still aware; his brain required nothing to survive a limited time.

            Abdul really didn't know if he was dead or alive but his sight was returning. It was blurred and the shapes were ghostly. He heard sounds, at first muffled but then with clarity. He was in a hospital; he had survived the blast. He tried to speak but he couldn't seem to form his words, he just gurgled. He tried to speak again, "ooh coo cooey iggle." It really wasn't working.

            He heard a loving and compassionate voice say, "He sounds so cute."

            "He just looks like his big sister," came the loving voice of a woman.

            The man smiled. "His face will always remind us. We will never forget."

            The lady was holding a picture. It looked shadowy to Abdul but it reminded him of someone he knew; the little girl who was stood next to him on the bus. Who were these people? What were they talking about?

            "He will avenge her death when he grows to manhood," said the voice of the woman.

            Abdul was feeling tired. He felt someone stick something in his mouth. He sucked on it. It was comforting. He flayed his arms and kicked his little legs. He tried to think back to how he had got here, but he couldn't remember; in fact he could remember little of anything. The word bomb seemed to come to mind then for a moment enlightenment crossed his face.

            The man turned to the woman, "Am I hearing things, did our son just say, 'Oh Buddha'."

            "Perhaps, just baby talk, bless his little cotton socks. Look he's gone to sleep."


Stories End

This story above is english, the same story below is 'pro english' belcause we were not brought up with it, its screws with our heads. It came about because normal english allows for mis-pronunciation. As a writer you write a particular name and the reader pronounces it differently. I had this with 'Carthelion' and what about Mike Singletons 'Xarjorkith'. There is a dozen ways to pronounce 'the' but none of them would sound like 'the', how dafts that. So to get away from this I converted Genesis into 'pro english'. End of sentences are denoted with a full stop only. A small 'a' would be pronounced 'a', a capital 'A' pronounced 'AY'. A small 'b' is 'b' and a capitol 'B' is 'BE'. that simple, no more mis-pronunciations. However the sounds 'ch' 'th' and so on are missing. We need redundant letters such as 'c' removing from the alphabet and existing redundant keys used for a few necessary sounds to complete the language but for now its just lower case and upper case letters.




abdul and savaka sat bEhInd a bulet pited worl. it wos lAt aftrnuwn in jrusalem and publik transport wos nEr ful.

abdul Xamind his XplOzivs belt and fasend his kOt. "suwn a bus wil bE along. wE wil rEk revenj. yErs wE hav sufrd for lands wE hav lost, for frends huw ar no mor."

savaka rAsd an Ibraw. "ar U syur of wot U duw. wE hav bEn frends for yErs and I suport yur korz but mrdr is bEyond mE. I duw not sE haw mor kiling helps."

"juwz ownli understand vIlans. juwz klAm awr land, yet not a lIftIm agO fU livd hEr, awr fEt stud on awr land."

"Even sO U risk Eterniti. U duw rElIs kristians belEv in a plAs nAmd hel, for everiwon, and U kud bE heding dawn sed hIwA."

"hel is not for truw belEvrs, savaka."

" it is a plAs of fIr and brimstOn, of Eternal torment, a plAs of sAtan. bE syur of yur belEfs."

"if hel Xists so dus heven. besIds mI korz is just. I fEr not." abduls voys held pawer, if not komplEt srtantE.

"sum belEv after wE dI wE ar rEborn."

"rEborn tu pA for awr sins, pEpl lIk 'godls'. I duw not belEv 'godls'. I wil tAk mI plAs in paradIs. wot I duw is not Evil but glorius."

"I mEn folowrs ov buda. lIk U budists belEv sufring is inseprabl from Xistens. budists strIv for nrvarna but not bI mrdring pEpl but bI tolrans and enlItenment."

abdul smIld, "if lIf wr sO simpl? I belEv wE must stand and bE kawnted. it is not abawt mE or simplE wot I stand for, it is for awr lovd wons; it is for frEdom; it is for awr fUtyur."

a sawnd lIk a bus wos hrd.

savaka sterd for long mOments intu abduls Is, abdul lukt bak. "U ar a folower savaka but I must lEd bI Xampl, pEs tu U mI frend."

abdul set of working orlmowst kasUaly. hE workt tuwords a wAting bus.

savaka lukt on in horur. hE and abdul did not agrE but hE nU his frend wos not brAn ded or a fanatikal folowr of 'lAden', huw it wos sed dId in afganistan. hE, lIk himself, karid qestyens abawt lIf and dawts abawt an afterlIf. it was a brAv, yet mrdrus dEd abdul had ploted. savaka sat hed in hands, a tEr rowld dawn his fAs.

it was standing ruwm ownli onbord; abdul trId to mix inviziblE but stil hE resEvd wrid glanses. hE avoyded pEpls Is arawnd him and qIetlE sed his prAyers. hE nU his fInal sekonds of lIf tikt awA; his bomb tImr wos set; his bomb nEded no mor enkorAjment from himself nor kud eniwon els hOp tu disarm it.

a yung juw grl mAd hr wA to get of nEr wer abdul wos standing. hE lukt dawn; hE kud just sE hr fAs; hE had a verE strAnj fEling. For an instant hE hOpt his XplOzivs wud not detonAt, not at lEst until sed grl got of but it wos not tu bE.

it wos not as abdul imajind. hE sor a blInding wIt ark korsd bI his bomb befor his sIt wos lost; hE hrd a teribl bang as his Erdrums brst. hE felt grAt pAn whIl his bodi wos bEing ript tu pEses bI hUj forses. hE wos stil awAk; his brAn reqIrd litl to survIv a limited tIm.

abdul rEli didnt nO if hE wos ded or alIv but his sIt wos returning. it wos blrd at frst and orl lukt gOstli. hE hrd sawnds, frstli mufld but suwn orl wos klEr. hE wos in a hospital; hE had srvIvd his own bomb blast. hE trId to spEk but he kudnt sEm to form his wrds, hE just grgld. hE trId tu spEk agAn, "uw kuw kuwE igl." it rEli wosnt wrking.

hE hrd a loving and kering mAl voys sA, "hE sawnds so kUt."

"hE just luks lIk his big sistr," sed a voys of an adoring lAdi.

"his fAs wil orlwAs remInd us. wE wil never forget, kontinUd a mAl voys."

sed lAdi was hOlding a piktUr. it lukt unklEr tu abdul but it remInded him of somwon hE nU; a litl juw grl huw wos stud nEr him befor his bomb XplOded. tu huwm wos hE listening? huw stud arawnd him?

"hE wil avenj her pasing wen hE grows tu manhud," sed a womans voys.

abdul wos fEling tIrd. hE felt somwon stik an objekt betwEn his lips. hE sukt on it. it wos komforting. hE flAd his arms and kikt his litl legs. hE trId tu regres bak tu haw hE had got hEr, but hE kudnt remember; in fakt hE kud remember litl at orl. bomb sEmd tu kom tu mInd, for a mOment enlItenment krost his fAs.

sed man trnd tu his mAt, "am I mistAken, did awr son just sA, 'O buda'."

"prhaps just bAbi tork, bles his litl koton soks. luk hEs gon tu slEp."


tAls end