Time Warrior

Beware of Windows opening screens under this screen.

Time warrior was created for the Amiga with 2 megs of chip ram. There is a cut down version which runs on lesser Amigas and the PC. Interestingly enough I came across a pirated version the other day. The Pirate had gone to the trouble of converting the full hard drive version to run on the PC under emulation. I haven't tried it yet but hopefully it will work.

To give an idea of what the Time Warrior game looks like I have uploaded some of the pictures. To save a load of clicking the pictures have been combined. The first picture takes shots from all aspects of Time Warrior. Click here to view. The second picture contains four scenes from the Time Warrior demo, Dreamscape. Click here to view.

Time Warrior has several modes. You can travel around using the control screen or full landscaping mode. Pressing key one changes modes. There is also battle mode and talk mode. The 2 main ones are talk and command. Command for action, talk for discusion.

You can navigate in full screen mode with a joystick or on the control screen with a mouse clicking on icons or by the old fashioned way , typing commands. In landscape push your joystick in the required direction, let it centre then press fire. Simply pressing the keys l then s will look south; then t followed by s would travel south.

Talk mode is useful for learning what to do, you can just jabber on as you would in the street.

This Amiga version was released by F1. The demo version turned up on Amiga Format disks 12 and 24. though even I, the author found the Amiga Format disks hard going. Contrary to our agreement I didn't hear from F1 after the first month but I would compliment them on their efforts. The control screen looks like this, click here. To get started click L/Mouse on the 4th icon from the left for talk mode then the fifth icon for example questions to ask. You will aquire info to set you on your way. Key zero deactivates the icons so you can click to find what they do. Begin restarts the game. Save and load game does just that. Full instructions are onboard. A regular mistake is to forget to change between command and talk modes. Change modes using left and right mouse buttons on said icon.

I did attempt to run off animated demos decades ago, it was done in low res, recorded on tape, re-coded as an avi file then converted to mpeg1. The results were pretty awful, while the gameplay demo remains in poor quality I have improved the demo titled Dreamscape . On my 20" TV/Monitor this demo looked great, the big LCDs show the faults. If you have a 3D tv use it.The fact that this demo will run on an A500 running at a few MHz, providing it has 2megs of graphics memory is amazing. The whole demo was contained on a bit of a floppy disk. Haven't things changed. The demo is also on youtube ' carthelion dreamscape'.

The Amiga game intro goes like this, in better resolution of course. Actually you are better viewing Ironclaws longplay walkthrough. I have left the 'intro' and 'gameplay' demo on this page simply because the walkthrough is a part of 'youtube', not this site.

The third demo gives an idea of how the game plays. As stated the quality is poor and the writing difficult to read, that is one of the reasons I have passed on the game 'conversations', although having said that the characters can talk out aloud. Because this game had to be originally workable from floppy disks the voices couldn't be recorded thus the only voice available was that of the Amiga. It was activated in control mode by typing dalek on, the dalek voice being a mechanical translator. This command isn't acknowledged but the voice is switched on, characters will speak when you return to 'talk mode'. It did spoil the atmosphere plus it was using the Amigas own voice thus it didn't work under all scenarios, it needed the A500 WB narrator or say file, as such the command was not included in the instructions, although I must confess that I sometimes use it. If you wish to see a bit of game play Click here to watch.

Below is the old game and demo write-up.

The game is set in the past, but you are a voyager from the future. The Convention of Time Travellers, sometimes known as The Guild, deals in time travel. Their customers simply wish to experience the life of others in other times. If you travelled into the past you would become a person from that era; you can't alter what happens, you have no memory from whence you came, you just feel like you the reader does now, completely in control of the life you are living. This is how it should be, but in the game when you sleep your mind drifts back to your origins, you are on a mission, and somewhere within your dreams lies the key to what it is all about. Its a little bit like those people who have memories of past lives. The game is for playing and the dreams are for understanding. The animations are accompanied by text. If I were to put words to this demo they would go like this.

I was sat by the campfire with heavy eyes. One moment I was staring into the flames the next moment the flames were gone. I could see a city bathed in starlight. Above me giant birds of steel and iron winged their way towards the high walls and towers. I was running, my form was surreal, the trail beneath my feet was beckoning me onward. There was a gateway ahead, like a door to some strange new world.I was on an outcrop of rock, I could see nothing below me, just the gateway ahead. I entered the gateway, back to the surreal. Flames were lapping at my feet, I had to run, run ever faster. Lights and sound exploded in my brain; pounding; beating. Then they were gone, I was in a long tunnel, leading from whence I came; to where I was going; to where I am now, but the other world still haunts me. The moon is bright tonight, but is it the moon of the steel bird or the moon of bow and quiver. Amidst the stars a giant wheel turns. I feel I have seen it before; I feel I have been there before, but it does not exist in my land of fields and hedgerows; castles and courtyards. The tunnel divides us. The last thing I remember before I sank into a deep restful sleep was the runway. I do not understand the word runway, yet I know that is its name. In the mist of the horizon, lights flicker, beckoning, like the call of some distant village, but I will not go. A shadow approaches; it is borne on the wing, the wings of dread. It trims its flight getting ever nearer, nearer and nearer. I am apprehensive, if that is a good name for fear. I see an opening; a window that is too dark for my eyes to penetrate, then in a flash of light I see inside. I see myself, but I am not alone; a shade of something evil is there with me.

OK that was a somewhat extended dream, but I hope it gives a feeling for what it is all about. The game is similar to other adventures in some respects, but very different in others. I don't believe adventures are simply about pretty pictures, or simply puzzles. I believe they have to create an atmosphere; a particular mood for a particular occasion. That is what the demo is about.