Another Day

Denori Rori was sitting peacefully on the stump of an okibu tree looking quite simply, awe stricken. He was looking towards the spaceport at Aprillion, three laps from his village, six laps from the great dome of Veloria, which it served. Hanging in the sky above the port was a giant silver sentient spacecraft; it was just too much for him to take in at one go. It was beautiful, mesmerising.

Denori studied the craft, it did not look like a conventional spaceship at all, it was like a giant bird or flutterby. It had collector wings that flapped? He did understand that the wings were dual purpose and not for beating air, it was about gravitation and the surface area which faced the ground. The ship was in a sense balancing gravity and changing conditions as its wings slowly lifted, straightened and fell. It was as if gravity was magnetism and the ship's wings were of like poles to the ground; they were repelling each other.

For many years Denori had been aware of 'reality-reversed' theory, usually referred to as tachyon theory. He knew that in everyday life gravity sucked, that is why he was sat on the stump of an okibu tree. He also knew that gravity attracted only when time went from past to future. It actually repelled when going from future to past, going nowhere at the interchange; a sort of flip of the gravitational bar magnet. It was variable time perspective that allowed engineers to counteract gravity and engineer 'mass manipulators', allowing extreme accelerations and tip top velocities but there was a problem in many people's minds, a very real problem. They worried about time. They worried that people may one day travel back in time thus wrecking their future, disappearing their now, for it was said that if someone travelled to the past and a single okibu was munched then the ripple of events would change humanity. Here sprang the routes of another idea in Denori's mind.

While Denori was musing a close friend named Trilorian wondered by.

"Good musing," said Trilorian.

"Indeed," replied Denori, "what brings you this way?"

"I am looking for Teroni, have you seen him?


"Strange, no-one seems to have seen him. It is as if he has disappeared into another dimension."

"Really." Denori smiled.

"You would think he would be around to see his life's achievement flapping over Aprillion." Trilorian turned his head in said direction. He felt a slight breeze in his face, oscillating as if it came from wing beats.

"I could not agree more, perhaps a hold up?"

"Maybe. However, no time for chit chat, must hurry along," said Trilorian. "Toodles."

"Toodles," replied Denori.

Trilorian was a good friend of Denori's. He was much acclaimed for his theory of 'pin head universes' and 'gene string-theory', the genetics of universe type. Part of the friendship was probably due to the fact that he too had used Denori's visualisation of the dimensional interchange to make his former theory work. Trilorian had postulated that this universe was one of many. They formed around the dimensional interchange, where the lack of reality allowed for such massive objects. A gathering mass here would add the universal creator and support, time and would worryingly explode into our space with an almighty bang so to speak. It was to replace the old `we condensed from hidden, dark stuff theory'.

Denori watched Trilorian disappear into the distance then went back to his musing. He had long thought about conventional time and now a theory was developing in his head. A certain Albert Onejug developed the time 'factual' many, many years ago and Denori had studied his works. Berty had explained his ideas on time by employing the relativity zipflyer; a medieval interchange express. Back in those distant days much transport was done on rails by machines with engines and Denori decided to use this zipflier coupled with the ancient communication medium known as the coms pole to develop his own 'factual'.

Denori had become a biblo junkie over the decades. Because his mind spent most of its time in overdrive he suffered much cranium pain and required the biblo mind As you might expect over the next decade Denori did much biblo popping while he developed his theory of time. He really wasn't convinced that travelling back in time to scoff okibus would make any difference to the future, although it would prove that the pasts, futures existed, hmm?

In his mind Denori pictured the railtrack on which the zipflyer ran. He then pictured the zipflyer. It was an engine powered by steam. A real nostalgic device with character. Behind the engine were many carriages which the engine pulled. People were seated in these carriages and there was a walkway which allowed people to walk up and down the carriages to buy bad food.

The zipflyer or time train, travelled the track heading forwards, a pretty reasonable thing to do under the circumstances. To each side of the track were the coms poles, they were around fifty paces apart, sticking up in the air around five paces, with wires attached at the top, which in this instance was unimportant. Denori pictured these poles as years and as the zipflyer passed them, the years slipped away into the past. This was time as everyone understood it. The next step was to move into the future then the past.

In Albert Onejugs 'factual' he did not have a problem moving into the future, you simply had to walk in the direction the train was moving and you would pass the coms poles, the years, much more quickly than some-one sat on a seat. However, if you tried to move backwards in time, you may well move forward slower than the man on the seat but the best you could manage was to walk backwards at the speed the zipflyer was moving forwards thus freezing yourself in time, staying level with the nearest coms pole.

Denori had mused on this a long time and decided there was a way to move backwards in time, all you had to do was disconnect the 'br+c' and leave the carriage at the interchange, wave to Teroni in the Nth, then set off walking in the opposite direction to which the carriage was travelling. When you got tired jump back on a carriage to rejoin the flow of time. You would be coms poles in the past.

This was not exactly something to write to the great dome about because the sheer fact that there was a giant silver spaceship flying about using a 'time variance' anti-gravity accelerator proved there was a way backwards, but what about changing the future, his present. Albert had stated that if you went back in time, the time line would change so the event of going back would not occur as was, which would leave you going round in circles, did, didn't; did, didn't and so on, having a sort of 'ground pig day' or instant or whatever.

Why should this be so? Denori was having none of it. If you get off the flyer and get back on a carriage further down the line you would have no effect on the carriages in front of you. The man you left sat on his seat would always be sat there in your future. Even when you reached the point of your exit the last time you passed this 'time', it would not make any difference because you and your memories had already moved on, just like the seated man. Time rippled forward in waves, the waves never caught each other, serial universes. You could have around an infinite amount of time lines all following one another, one never interfering with the next. Yesterday may not now, be as we remember it.

Wow! Thought Denori. Now I have something to write to the great dome about.A figure of thought. Denori did have a realisation here that life itself was experienced in pockets; it made him a little reflective. A single happy day in the life of a young child who had many fun days would no doubt be forgotten; forgotten by everyone, yet it was a pocket of happiness. A time worthwhile yet no memory remained. Denori smiled.

The time arrived when Denori had completed his work and decided to put it to the most learned minds in Veloria. Because he had been there before no one bothered researching his work, they simply hired the orchestra and set a day for his speech.

The scientists, professors and doctors sat in silence while Denori put forward his hypothesis. When he had finished they said such things as, "Umm," and "arr," and some said, "Umm arr." One said, "Where's the bathroom." He was so excited. Not a lot had changed since Denori's last visit.

It appeared to Denori that not everyone was convinced by his logic, so he decided to strike the master blow. He knew that if he could 'prove' his hypothesis by mathematics, everyone would agree with him. He strode over to the blackboard which was situated where none could miss it and there he wrote for all to see, 4+4=8. He simply hoped that his adjudicators would take his meaning.

The assembly was dumbfounded, shocked and utterly exasperated. They just didn't have an answer to such a technically perfect piece of mathematics. It was twenty five percent;or was it a third?;Or was it a third which made it twenty five percent more advanced than his last mathematical piece of inspiration? What else could they do but accept Denori's reasoning. When the gathering eventually found their voices, they said such things as, "Well, yes," and "Oh, I see," and one said, "I am wearing pull-ups; No sweat."

Amidst the commotion, Trilorian, the stand in president, rose to his feet and appealed to the crowd for silence. "Please be quiet!" In the new found silence he looked upon Denori and said, "It has been my pleasure to welcome you here in Veloria, Denori Rori. It is not every day that I have the honour of greeting a man of such dedication and free thought. I propose that this assembly, whom, if I may say, still have more qualifications than you have had hot okibus, allocate for you, a day in the Calendar of Famed Names."

The gathering burst into applause shouting such things as 'hurrah' and the poor people 'hooray' and when it had quietened down Trilorian continued, "As to keep with the tradition set by our ancestors, we will dedicate the day in which your thought first encompassed this subject, to your honour. Which day was this, Denori?"

Denori had chosen his date well. He had made sure it didn't clash with the date of anyone else's great idea because only one person could be allotted a specific day on the calendar. "The twentieth of Duli," cried Denori.

"A truly unique day," retorted Trilorian. I am sure the president, Teroni Methusala will dedicate it to your name as soon as he returns.

"Bugger," cursed Denori.

The End